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Required Reading for Fall

August 6, 2019

This fall, the gallery will present solo exhibitions of work by Anni Albers, Lucas Arruda, Roy DeCarava, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Paul Klee, and Raymond Pettibon. Ahead of the openings, delve into books that illuminate the works on view and the artists who created them, from Albers’s intimate Notebook to a new edition of DeCarava’s the sound i saw—“a book about people, about jazz, and about things”—to Pettibon’s cultural renditions in Homo Americanus.

Roy DeCarava: the sound i saw
Texts by Radiclani Clytus and Sherry Turner DeCarava

Forthcoming: September 10, 2019

Originally made as an artist book in 1960 and released in a new edition this fall, the sound i saw records DeCarava’s photographic exploration of the relationship between the visual and aural. Here, DeCarava turns his gaze on legendary musicians Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, and Billie Holiday, among many others. Selected works from the original publication will be on view in an eponymous solo exhibition at the uptown gallery.

Anni Albers Notebook 1970–1980
For ten years beginning in 1970, Albers used her notebook to compose drawings and complex patterns relating to her large body of graphic work. This rare document reveals how she explored a range of dramatic and beautiful geometric compositions.
Anni Albers On Weaving
First published in 1965, this splendidly illustrated publication is Albers’s seminal meditation on the art of weaving, its history, its tools and techniques, and its implications for modern design. She dedicated the book to “my great teachers, the weavers of ancient Peru.”
Lucas Arruda
Texts by Fernanda Brenner and Chris Sharp
Featuring excerpts from a conversation between the artist and Hans Ulrich Obrist and texts by Fernanda Brenner and Chris Sharp, this richly illustrated book explores Arruda’s pursuit of light—an element he feels binds his paintings together.
Philip-Lorca diCorcia
Texts by Katharina Dohm, Geoff Dyer, and Christoph Ribbat
Produced in close collaboration with the artist for a major European retrospective, this catalogue explores significant series by diCorcia, including those featured in his upcoming exhibition in Hong Kong, such as HeadsHustlersEast of Eden, and Streetwork. The Hustlers series is also the focus of a book published in 2013.
Roy DeCarava: Light Break
Preface by Zoé Whitley. Introduction and text by Sherry Turner DeCarava
Accompanying an eponymous exhibition at the gallery, Light Break presents the first survey since 1996 of photographs by DeCarava, whose “poetry of vision” re-forms urban life, labor, love, and jazz into the discovery of “an intimate, emotional arc of transformation.”
The Sweet Flypaper of Life
Roy DeCarava and Langston Hughes:
First published in 1955, this collaboration between DeCarava and the writer Langston Hughes captures daily life in Harlem through a combination of words and pictures. An afterword by Sherry Turner DeCarava traces the history and continuing importance of the book.
Paul Klee The Abstract Dimension
Edited with text by Anna Szech. Text by Fabienne Eggelhöfer
Taking in some one hundred works from throughout Klee’s career, The Abstract Dimension examines a previously little-explored aspect of his oeuvre. The works are grouped under four themes: nature, architecture, painting, and graphic characters.
Paul Klee: Irony at Work
Texts by by Angela Lampe, Michael Baumgartner, Charles W. Haxthausen, Christine Hopfengart, Cathrin Klingsohr-Leroy
Viewed in this unusual book through the lens of irony as a complex theme, and against the backdrop of Europe’s major political and artistic movements, Klee’s body of work takes on renewed significance as one of the most critical of its generation.
Raymond Pettibon: Homo Americanus
Foreword by Dirk Luckow and Sabine Breitwieser. Editors' Introduction by Ulrich Loock and Harald Falckenberg. ​Texts by Ulrich Loock, Raymond Pettibon, and Lucas Zwirner
Copublished by David Zwirner Books and Deichtorhallen Hamburg – Sammlung Falckenberg on the occasion of a major European retrospective in 2016, Homo Americanus sheds light on the development of Pettibon’s work as a kind of hive mind of American culture, unabashed and unique in its complexity.
Raymond Pettibon: A Pen of All Work
Texts by Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Gary Carrion-Murayari, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Frances Stark, and Lynne Tillman. Conversation with the artist and Massimiliano Gioni

This multifaceted look at Pettibon’s career to date includes nearly seven hundred images, contributions from important figures in the art-historical and cultural fields, and an interview with the artist. Beginning with childhood drawings, the book moves through to his mature work.


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