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Our Staff

New York Sales

David Zwirner 

Emily Kamen, Sales Manager to David Zwirner


Kristine Bell, Senior Partner

Lauren Allday, Assistant to Kristine Bell


Christopher D’Amelio, Senior Partner

Shu Lim, Assistant to Christopher D’Amelio


Bellatrix Hubert, Senior Partner

Rebecca Holmberg, Assistant to Bellatrix Hubert


Hanna Schouwink, Senior Partner

Charlotte Panis, Assistant to Hanna Schouwink

Sam Yehros, Assistant to Hanna Schouwink


David Leiber, Partner

Ellis Edwards, Assistant to David Leiber


Greg Lulay, Partner

Anna Mahony, Assistant to Greg Lulay


Branwen Jones, Partner

Katherine Page, Assistant to Branwen Jones

Sam Yehros, Assistant to Branwen Jones


Brady Doty, Senior Director

Audrey Rose Smith, Assistant to Brady Doty


Veronique Ansorge, Senior Director

Zach Ritter, Assistant to Veronique Ansorge


Robert Goff, Senior Director

Aly Weiner, Assistant to Robert Goff


Jonathan Laib, Senior Director

Priya Parthasarathy, Assistant to Jonathan Laib


Elena Soboleva, Global Head of Online Sales

Lili Boyle, Assistant to Elena Soboleva 


Andrea Cashman, Director

Kim Davidson, Assistant to Andrea Cashman


Julia Mechtler, Director

Grace Munro, Assistant to Julia Mechtler


Thor Shannon, Director

Lindsay Basile, Assistant to Thor Shannon


Ebony L. Haynes, Director

Nora Woodin, Assistant to Ebony L. Haynes


Kyla McMillan, Director


Katherine Lukacher, Director of Secondary Market Online Sales


Meghan Hill, Managing Director, Sales Department

Tabitha Walker, Assistant to Meghan Hill


Marlene Zwirner, Associate Director

Katie Priest, Assistant to Marlene Zwirner


Alec Smyth, Associate Director


London Sales

Angela Choon, Senior Partner 

Elie de Gourcuff, Assistant to Angela Choon


Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal, Senior Director  

Will Hine, Assistant to Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal 


James Green, Director

Kirsten Bergman, Assistant to James Green


Harry Scrymgeour, Director

Carmen Blanco Santos, Assistant to Harry Scrymgeour


Cristina Vere Nicoll, Associate Director


Paris Sales

Justine Durrett, Senior Director

Delphine Paris, Assistant to Justine Durrett


Samy Ghiyati, Associate Director


Laura Tritschler, Sales Associate

Hong Kong Sales

Leo Xu, Senior Director

Leanna Chen, Assistant to Leo Xu


Galuh Sukardi, Director


Hope Kang, Sales Associate

Editorial & Content

Lucas Zwirner, Head of Content

Fan Zhong, Digital Content Director

Susi Kenna, Social Media Director


Julia Lukacher, Director of Communications


Sara Chan, Associate Director of Communications


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