New York Sales

David Zwirner

Erin Hennessy, Assistant to David Zwirner

Kelly Schroer, Sales Associate to David Zwirner


Kristine Bell, Senior Partner

Ben McMillan, Assistant to Kristine Bell

Anne Parke, Assistant to Kristine Bell


Christopher D’Amelio, Senior Partner

Veronica Tyler, Assistant to Christopher D’Amelio

Tatiana Suridis, Assistant to Christopher D’Amelio


Bellatrix Hubert, Senior Partner

Leslie Rothenberg, Assistant to Bellatrix Hubert

Rebecca Holmberg, Assistant to Bellatrix Hubert


Hanna Schouwink, Senior Partner

Cristina Vere Nicoll, Assistant to Hanna Schouwink

Alec Smyth, Assistant to Hanna Schouwink


David Leiber, Partner

Emily Kamen, Assistant to David Leiber


Veronique Ansorge, Director

Caresse Yan, Assistant to Veronique Ansorge


Andrea Cashman, Director

Mary Howard, Assistant to Andrea Cashman


Justine Durrett, Director of Sales

Anna Blum, Assistant to Justine Durrett


Robert Goff, Director

Aly Weiner, Assistant to Robert Goff


Branwen Jones, Director

Katherine Page, Assistant to Branwen Jones

Jacqueline Marin, Assistant to Branwen Jones


Jonathan Laib, Director

Laura Edelman, Assistant to Jonathan Laib


Greg Lulay, Director

Cassandra Herzberg, Assistant to Greg Lulay


Meghan Hill, Managing Director, Sales Department

Abby Merrick, Assistant to Meghan Hill


Lauren Hudgins, Associate Director


Julia Mechtler, Sales Associate

London Sales

Angela Choon, Senior Partner

Ludmila Lekes, Assistant to Angela Choon

Kirsty Maffioli, Assistant to Angela Choon


Gérard Faggionato, Partner

Kate Laidlaw, Assistant to Gérard Faggionato


James Green, Director

Laura Tritschler, Assistant to James Green


Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal, Director

Livia Cerasi, Assistant to Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal

Hong Kong Sales

Leo Xu, Director

Guili Zhou, Assistant to Leo Xu


Jennifer Yum, Director

Hope Kang, Assistant to Jennifer Yum


Francesca Frediani, Sales Associate

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Press Inquiries
Human Resources
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