For Freedoms: Donald Judd | David Zwirner
A billboard by Donald Judd, titled The Artist and Politics: A Statement, dated 1970.

For Freedoms: Donald Judd

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In 1970 Artforum asked a number of artists to respond to the following question: “What is your position regarding the kinds of political action that should be taken by artists?’’ Donald Judd’s statement includes one of his most powerful political remarks: “If you don’t act, someone else will decide everything.’’

Judd Foundation has partnered with For Freedoms as part of their 2020 Awakening with a billboard featuring this statement by Judd in his home state of Missouri. Installed off of I-70 in St. Louis, Missouri, the billboard is on view through Election Day. Being wide awake in 2020, For Freedoms practices and values compassion, critical thinking, imagination and accountability. They accept that we as a society cannot go backwards, and understand that change starts with individuals connected to one another.

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Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Judd would continue his efforts as an engaged citizen through donations of work to organizations such as Art for a Nuclear Weapons Freeze and Art Against Aids. In 1992, Judd joined the Alert Citizens for Environmental Safety, which successfully forced the relocation of a nuclear waste facility in Sierra Blanca, an area not far from Marfa, Texas. Judd was also a vocal opponent of American military aggression in the Middle East and continued to remain politically active until his death in 1994.

Image: Donald Judd / Judd Foundation, The Artist and Politics: A Statement, 1970. Donald Judd Text © 2020 Judd Foundation. Photo by Alyssa Meadows


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