Installation view of the exhibition Stand still like the hummingbird, at David Zwirner in New York, dated 2012.

Stand still like the hummingbird

Much too simple, doubtless. But such is the nature of the real…. Ought we not first learn to fly backward too, or stand still in the air like a hummingbird?
— Henry Miller

David Zwirner is pleased to present Stand still like the hummingbird, an exhibition curated by Bellatrix Hubert in the gallery's 525 and 533 spaces. It takes its title from a collection of short stories and essays by American writer Henry Miller, published in 1962. Known equally for his mysticism and dark humor, Miller proposed the idea of "flying backwards, standing still like a hummingbird" as a lighthearted antidote to the frantic pace of modern society.

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June 28August 3, 2012
Bellatrix Hubert
Tomma Abts, Francis Alÿs, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Carol Bove, Marcel Duchamp, Morgan Fisher, Robert Gober, Rodney Graham, On Kawara, Ruth Laskey, Sherrie Levine, Gordon Matta-Clark, John McCracken, Bruce Nauman, Cady Noland, Jim Nutt, Thomas Ruff, Ed Ruscha, Alan Uglow, Christopher Williams, Mason Williams, Martha Wilson



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