REEL-UNREEL | David Zwirner
Installation view of the exhibition Francis Alys: REEL-UNREEL, at David Zwirner in New York, dated 2013.

Francis Alÿs


David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of recent work by Francis Alÿs, on view at the gallery's 525 and 533 West 19th Street spaces in New York. REEL-UNREEL includes a film the artist made in Kabul, Afghanistan, depicting a street game played by local children, as well as a series of paintings of color bars. The film will be screened throughout the duration of the show.

Belgian-born Francis Alÿs’s multifaceted actions and works in various media occupy a unique position within the contemporary art world. Widely known for his distinct and poetic sensibility towards social and geopolitical issues, the artist has described his practice as "a sort of discursive argument composed of episodes, metaphors, or parables." His works, as Mark Godfrey has observed, are defined by their "fantastical absurdity…their transience or incompletion, their imaginative imagery, and most of all…their enigmatic openness to interpretation." The artist's numerous projects have involved pushing a melting block of ice through the streets of Mexico City, circumnavigating the globe in order to avoid crossing the border between Mexico and the United States, walking through Copenhagen under the influence of a different drug each day for a week, and filming his attempts to penetrate the eye of a tornado.

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