Thomas Ruff
New Work

Opening on Wednesday, March 9, 2005, the gallery will present new work by German artist Thomas Ruff. This will be the artist’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery.


Best known for his oversized, deadpan portraits, his unmediated shots of commonplace interiors, his colorful abstractions taken from the Internet of Japanese manga & anime, and his evocative nudes borrowed from pornographic websites, Ruff has quietly approached many familiar genres and proceeded to discreetly reinvent them. Ruff has an uncanny feel for the look of the ordinary–in people, places, and objects. However, his brand of photographic objectivity is not that purportedly practiced by photojournalists. Rather, it is elicited by scanning the mundane for the telling particulars of aggregated detail, and by a reserved and skeptical curiosity towards photography's ultimate truthfulness.


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