Harold Ancart

David Zwirner will present an exhibition of new paintings by Belgian-born, New York–based artist Harold Ancart. This will mark the artist’s first solo presentation in the United Kingdom.


Ancart began painting icebergs in January 2018 in response to a glacial winter in New York, where the artist is based. These new works will be on view in Freeze, Ancart’s first exhibition in the United Kingdom as well as his first presentation at the gallery. The title of the exhibition refers not only to cold temperature but also to the command not to move.

Ancart paints subjects that naturally invite contemplation such as the horizon, clouds, flowers, or flames. Mankind has gathered around a flickering flame for millennia, weaving stories and creating myth, while the flame generates faces and figures as it moves. Clouds, mountains, and icebergs function in the same anthropomorphic way. According to the artist, they carry many faces and tell many stories.


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Image: Installation view, Harold Ancart: Freeze, David Zwirner, London, 2018. 


Private View

Thursday, August 30, 6–8 PM