Diana Thater
China, Crayons & Molly Numbers 1 through 10

Opening on February 10th at David Zwirner is an exhibition of works by Los Angeles artist Diana Thater. In her second solo exhibition at the gallery, Thater will present nearly (but not quite) all of her work from 1995. Among the works being shown are a one-projector video installation entitled Scarlet McCraw Crayons, a selection from an edition of 10 unique monitor works, Molly Numbers 1 through 10, and Bison Prototype an altered monitor work.


The largest part of the gallery will be taken over by Thater's video installation entitled China which was originally produced by and for the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago and for Le Creux de L'Enfer Centre d'Art Contemporain de Thiers, France. Accompanying the installation will be a selection of the monitor works that go with China as well as a one-minute piece made for MTV.


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