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a detail from a work by  Felix Gonzalez-Torres, called "Untitled", dated 1987.

The Real World

David Zwirner is pleased to present The Real World, a group exhibition that will feature paintings, sculptures, and installations from the 1990s and early 2000s by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Raymond Pettibon, Jason Rhoades, Diana Thater, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Lisa Yuskavage. On view at the gallery’s Hong Kong location, the selected works exemplify the groundbreaking and alternative approaches these artists pursued in their respective practices as they emerged as major artistic influences within the New York and Los Angeles art worlds.

Working in a variety of media—from traditional painting and drawing to video and installation— these artists each critically reevaluated the status of their materials and challenged the relationship between art and everyday life by incorporating nontraditional subjects, formats, and ideas into the composition and experience of their work. Responding to growing social concerns that had long been suppressed or overlooked, these artists pioneered approaches to art making that address questions of identity, gender, sexuality, consumerism, and the status of the built and natural environment. Several of the featured artists were among the first to exhibit with David Zwirner, which debuted some of their pioneering and iconic installations and works at the gallery’s original location at 43 Greene Street, New York, which opened its doors in 1993. Presented today against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, these artists’ engagements with the social dimensions of art—whether in the form of the active participation of the viewer or through the shared language of everyday experiences, objects, and cultural references—feel all the more relevant and necessary.

The exhibition will include Rirkrit Tiravanija’s untitled 1990 (pad thai), which will mark the first presentation of the artist’s work at David Zwirner since the recent announcement that the gallery will be working with him. A seminal and early piece by Tiravanija, and a pivotal moment in the emergence of “relational aesthetics,” untitled 1990 (pad thai) was first presented at the Paula Allen Gallery, New York, in 1990. It was the artist’s first live participatory installation, and involved him preparing and serving food to visitors and then gathering the remnants of the meal as evidence of the event.


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Image:  Felix Gonzalez-Torres, "Untitled", 1987 (detail)


Planning Your Visit

Please note the Hong Kong gallery is open to the public with a limited number of visitors allowed into the exhibition spaces at a time, in accordance with city guidelines.
Advance appointments are recommended but not required.
To schedule your visit, please click here.


A live activation of untitled 1990 (pad thai) will be presented on Sunday, May 23, from 12 PM to 3 PM. Registration is now open and can be done via this link


卓納畫廊香港空間欣然呈現群展《真實世界》,展出來自藝術家費利克斯·岡薩雷斯-托雷斯(Felix Gonzalez-Torres)、雷蒙德·帕提伯恩(Raymond Pettibon)、傑森·羅德斯(Jason Rhoades)、戴安娜·塔特爾(Diana Thater)、里克利·提拉瓦尼(Rirkrit Tiravanija)和麗莎·約斯卡瓦吉(Lisa Yuskavage)創作於1990年代和2000年代的繪畫、雕塑和裝置作品。這些作品極佳地回溯了二十年前當這些藝術家在紐約與洛杉磯嶄露頭角、成為塑造當地藝術世界的中堅力量之時,他們如何以極具突破、另闢蹊徑的方式,各自追求著獨特的藝術實踐。


是次展覽將包括里克利·提拉瓦尼(Rirkrit Tiravanija)的作品《無題1990(泰式炒金邊粉)》,這將是畫廊近期宣布藝術家的加入以來,首次呈現提拉瓦尼的作品。 《無題1990(泰式炒金邊粉)》是提拉瓦尼的重要早期作品,它標誌著「關係美學」(relational aesthetics)興起的重要時刻,於1990年在紐約的寶拉·艾倫畫廊( Paula Allen Gallery)首次展出。這也是藝術家首件涉及現場參與的裝置創作,藝術家會為參觀者準備食物,隨後將剩餘的食物保留下來作為活動的記錄。





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          The Real World


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