Wolfgang Tillmans Wins the 2018 Goslarer Kaiserring
January 5, 2018

Wolfgang Tillmans is the recipient of the 2018 Kaiserring (or "Emperor's Ring") prize from the city of Goslar in Germany. Inaugurated in 1975 and judged by a panel of curators and museum directors, the prize is organized by the city of Goslar and the Verein zur Förderung Moderne Kunst (Association for the Promotion of Modern Art). Previous winners include fellow gallery artists Isa Genzken (who was awarded the prize in 2017), Sigmar Polke, Bridget Riley, and Richard Serra.

A related solo exhibition opens at Mönchehaus-Museum für moderne Kunst in Goslar on September 29 and will be on view through January 27, 2019.

Tillmans's third solo exhibition at David Zwirner, How likely is it that only I am right in this matter?, is on view across the 19th Street galleries in New York through October 20, 2018.

Cover Image: Wolfgang Tillmans, Deer Hirsch, 1995 (detail)