Sao Paolo Biennial: "Mamma Andersson brings marginalised practitioners to the fore"
The Art Newspaper, article by Gareth Harris
September 13, 2018

"Under-the-radar artists who faced a variety of mental health issues and trauma feature in the Sao Paulo biennial which opens this week (7 September–9 December) in a section organised by the Swedish artist Mamma Andersson. She was one of seven individuals invited by the biennial’s chief curator, Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro, to conceive group shows with total freedom in the choice of artists.

'The resulting diversity of curating methodologies is entirely intentional,' he says in a statement. Pérez-Barreiro is proposing that the 'top-down biennial . . . can evolve into a more diversified experience in which the hierarchy between art and curatorial practice can be rethought.' The move has sparked debate about the biennial model, and how it should evolve to stay relevant."

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Image: Mamma Andersson, 2011. Photo by Patrick Miller