"It was Yuskavage’s radical move"
The Wall Street Journal, profile by Thomas Gebremedhin
November 6, 2018

"Yuskavage returned to her studio, constantly reinventing and shifting aspects of her technique. For the figures that appear in her early group of paintings Bad Habits, Yuskavage worked from Tintoretto-inspired clay sculptures she molded. Later, she searched vintage issues of Penthouse for muses, fixating on the bodies that appeared in those pages. 'It was considered pretty incorrect of me to be using these images, but I was intrigued,' she says. 'If that’s a woman, what am I? I don’t look anything like that.' It was Yuskavage’s radical move, an effort to elevate a form deemed tasteless to high art."

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This week, David Zwirner is pleased to present concurrent exhibitions of the artist's work at the gallery’s 34 East 69th Street and 533 West 19th Street locations in New York. The fourth episode of Dialogues: The David Zwirner Podcast features Yuskavage in conversation with widely celebrated screenwriter and film director Tamara Jenkins. Counterparts and close friends, Yuskavage and Jenkins discuss how personal experiences inform their creativity—touching on dark comedy, eroticism, and the importance of trusting your own vision. It has just been announced that in 2020, The Baltimore Museum of Art and the Aspen Art Museum will co-organize a solo presentation of Yuskavage's work.

Image: Lisa Yuskavage, Split, 1997 (detail)