David Zwirner Hong Kong: Gallery Directors and Inaugural Exhibition
November 1, 2017


The Hong Kong gallery will open to the public on January 27, 2018, with an inaugural exhibition of new paintings by Belgian artist Michaël Borremans.

David Zwirner's first outpost in Asia will occupy 10,000-square-feet on the fifth and sixth floors of H Queen's (HQ)—the new gallery and lifestyle tower in Hong Kong’s Central district designed by William Lim of CL3 Architects. Annabelle Selldorf, who designed David Zwirner's New York and London locations, has overseen the interior architecture.


David Zwirner Hong Kong will be led by Leo Xu, formerly of Leo Xu Projects in Shanghai, and Jennifer Yum, the former Vice President and Head of Morning Day Sales in the Post-War and Contemporary Art department at Christie’s New York.

The gallery's inaugural exhibition presents new paintings by Belgian artist Michaël Borremans, one of the foremost painters working today. Michaël Borremans: Fire from the Sun will be the artist's first solo exhibition in Hong Kong and will be accompanied by a catalogue published by David Zwirner Books with a new essay by British art critic, curator, and cultural historian Michael Bracewell.

For all press inquiries, please contact
Ashley Tickle +1 212 727 2070 atickle@davidzwirner.com
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Image: Jennifer Yum, Director; David Zwirner; Leo Xu, Director. Photo by Anna Bauer.


香港空間將於2018年1月27日正式對外開放,展出比利時藝術家Michaël Borremans的全新油畫作品。

卓納畫廊在亞洲的首個空間位於香港H Queen's大樓的五至六層,佔地逾10,000平方呎。H Queen’s是香港的藝術和生活品味新地標,由思聯建築(CL3 Architects)的著名建築師林偉而設計。卓納畫廊香港空間將繼續由曾設計畫廊紐約和倫敦空間的建築師Annabelle Selldorf 負責室內設計。

卓納畫廊香港空間將由原上海Leo Xu Projects創辦人許宇及前紐約佳士得副總裁、戰後及當代藝術部早間拍賣主管Jennifer Yum共同管理。

卓納畫廊的開幕展將帶來當今最重要的畫家之一——比利時藝術家 Michaël Borremans(米凱爾·博伊曼斯)的全新油畫作品。「Michaël Borremans:Fire from the Sun」將是藝術家在香港的首次個展,同時卓納圖書(David Zwirner Books)也將為該展出版精美圖錄,並邀請英國著名藝術評論家、策展人及藝術史學家Michael Bracewell撰寫文章。

帅鸣珂Dylan Shuai,+852 5984 6846,dylan@davidzwirner.com
Ashley Tickle,+1 212 727 2070,atickle@davidzwirner.com

照片: Jennifer Yum,總監;David Zwirner; 許宇,總監。攝影:Anna Bauer。