"Arbus, Untitled and Unearthly"
The New York Times, review by Arthur Lubow
November 15, 2018

"A series considered one of the towering achievements of American art reminds us that nothing can surpass the strange beauty of reality if a photographer knows where to look.


The photographs in the Untitled series . . . include some of the most mysterious and haunting pictures of [Arbus's] 15-year artistic career.  . . . Rather than start with her iconic portraits of sideshow freaks, cross-dressers, pro-Vietnam war demonstrators and nudists, the New York gallery opted to show this less familiar, late work, which until now has never been seen in its entirety.


The best photographs waft before your eyes with the visceral immediacy—and spotty specificity—of a remembered dream."

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Diane Arbus Untitled is on view at 537 West 20th Street in New York through December 15, 2018.

Image: Installation view, Diane Arbus Untitled, David Zwirner, New York, 2018