"Arbus’s complicated genius permeates the space"
Forbes, review by Adam Lehrer
November 9, 2018

"Arbus’s photography is an art of duality. The beautiful is almost always accompanied by the grotesque. The sublime is interspersed with angst. In the Untitled pictures, it wouldn’t be surprising to find something that fills you with joy in the same image that you found something that filled you with dread. In one fascinating picture, most likely at least partially staged, a male little person of color in a demonstrates a kind of dance technique akin to a b-boy breakdance while two other figures, most likely also disabled but in a less physically obvious way, both demonstrate expressions that wouldn’t be so out of a place in a demonic possession in a horror movie. Arbus calls attention to vibrant expressions of joy while never letting us forget life's eternal anguish. Some critics have suggested that Arbus sees herself in her subjects. But perhaps that’s only partially true. It’s probably a more factual assertion to claim that Arbus sees all of us in her subjects."

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Diane Arbus Untitled is on view at 537 West 20th Street in New York through December 15, 2018.

Image: Installation view, Diane Arbus Untitled, David Zwirner, New York, 2018