"An Adventurer"—Jason Rhoades at The Brant Foundation
The Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, Connecticut
November 13, 2017–April 1, 2018

The Brant Foundation is currently presenting a solo exhibition by Jason Rhoades (1965-2006), which includes selected works from The Brant Collection. Rhoades is known for his highly original, large-scale sculptural installations, of which the significant examples My Brother/Brancusi (1995), The Grand Machine / THEAREOLA (2002), and Untitled (from the body of work: My Madinah: In pursuit of my ermitage…) (2004) feature in this exhibition.

In a review of the exhibition in Forbes, Clayton Press writes, "Rhoades was an adventurer, who might be called a 4-H Club romantic. The 4-H slogan is "Learn by Doing." Rhoades did . . . The complexity of Rhoades's installations is exceptional, often consisting of seemingly countless components. Large installations are filled with smaller ones. Smaller ones are composed of groups and units . . . For The Brant Foundation Art Study Center to undertake this exhibition demonstrates its serious commitment to scholarship."

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Image: Jason Rhoades, The Grand Machine / THEAREOLA, 2002