Jockum Nordström
Who is sleeping on my pillow

"Mamma builds houses, Jockum inhabits them. She gathers, he hunts." 
–Paolo Colombo


David Zwirner is pleased to present Who is sleeping on my pillow, two concurrent solo exhibitions by Swedish artists Mamma Andersson and Jockum Nordström. After spending half their lives together while maintaining separate practices, this is the first time they have exhibited together.


This is Mamma Andersson's second exhibition at the gallery (her U.S. debut was at David Zwirner in 2006), and Jockum Nordström's fifth. Known for her complex, multilayered subjects that converge between domestic interiors and Nordic landscapes, Andersson will present all new paintings. From Nordström, on view will be collages, other works on paper, and sculptures made of cardboard and matchboxes. Also featured will be two collaborative works, Sleepwalkers and Wetland, both from 2010. In these two-sided works on paper, Andersson has created lush color washes on the back, while Nordström has collaged the front with figures of people, animals, and trees.


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