Toba Khedoori

David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Los Angeles-based artist Toba Khedoori, on view at the gallery's 525 West 19th Street space. Khedoori joined David Zwirner in 1994 as one of its first artists, and this marks her sixth solo show with the gallery.


Khedoori is known for her precisely rendered, intricate works depicting familiar objects divorced from any background. For the past two decades she has created her own atlas of solitary spaces, windows, doors, train compartments, and horizon lines always devoid of a human presence. Usually drawn, and then painted, onto waxed paper of a monumental size, the otherwise empty compositions envelop the viewer's entire field of vision, but proportion appears autonomous from a real-life referent. The works appear at once fragile and monumental, flat and illusory.


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