Oscar Murillo
through patches of corn, wheat and mud

Oscar Murillo's third exhibition with David Zwirner presents paintings, drawings, sculptural elements, film, and a maze-like room-sized installation of several hundred black paintings and steel structures. Through the incorporation of canvases that bear evidence of past use in the artist's studio and global travel, the installation affirms the idea of a finished artwork becoming inseparable from process and materials. The exhibition builds on Murillo's early emphasis on personal cultural experiences by drawing on his recent travels and exploration of the artist's role in an increasingly global world.


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525 & 533 West 19th Street
New York




Oscar Murillo
Oscar Murillo
Untitled, 2015-2016
82 3/4 x 82 3/4 inches (210 x 210 cm)
Oscar Murillo
pig, ramon, grid, a a a..., 2014-2016
106 1/2 x 114 1/4 inches (270.5 x 290.2 cm)
Oscar Murillo
HK-pig KE 908, 2015-2016
100 1/4 x 106 1/8 inches (254.6 x 269.6 cm)
Oscar Murillo
AV 245 (39,700 ft), 2015-2016
76 3/4 x 78 3/4 inches (194.9 x 200 cm)