Someone else with my fingerprints: An exhibition of photography

Opening on Friday January 31, the gallery will present an exhibition of photography, curated by the German collector Wilhelm Schürmann. Bringing together various kinds of photography, this exhibition entitled "Someone else with my fingerprints" will feature 150 photographs from the last 70 years.


Centered around the theme of influence, identity and transfer of identity, this exhibition does not distinguish between press photographs, publicity photos for films, fashion photography, science photography, documentation photography, etc. Since the history of photography consists mainly of photographs that were never intended to exist in an art context, the question that this exhibition introduces is: which levels of meaning and perception occur, when photographs from various sources such as these, enter the estethically charged domain of art? Which levels of meaning and perception occur when these photographs are taken out of their traditional context and placed in an often spontaneous and seemingly arbitrary combination? In this process, an image known as a photographic readymade can become a narrative document.


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Wilhelm Schürmann


Gerhard Gronefeld
Universal Pictures
Bill Brandt
Paramount Pictures
Martin Kippenberger
Helmut Newton
Lee Friedlaender
Garry Winogrand
Laurie Parsons
William Klein
Mike Kelley
Sebastiao Salgado
Richard Prince
Larry Clark
Nobuyoshi Araki
August Sander
Bernd & Hilla Becher
Hirsch Perlman
Diane Arbus
Walker Evans
Irving Penn
Georg Herold
Robert Frank
Ralph Gibson
Julia Scher
Aaron Siskind