Rachel Khedoori

Opening on Saturday, February 20th, the gallery will present the work of Los Angeles-based artist, Rachel Khedoori. This will be the artist's first one-person exhibition in New York.


For this exhibition Rachel Khedoori has produced three large works, each work occupying one of the three gallery spaces. Each work's main visual element is a projection: 35 mm, 16 mm and video projection respectively.


The work occupying the first gallery, Untitled (Blue Room), 1999, is a 80% scale model of an actual room in the artist's house, which was used as a set for the film. The room was altered through the addition of carpet, reconstructed wallpaper, lights, and filmgels. A 35 mm projector and looping mechanism is built into the room replica and projects the footage onto the wall in the gallery. The viewer can see the film from three distinctly different spaces. This rejects the traditional theater situation and therefore addresses the space outside the frame and incorporates the viewer into a physical and an illusory space.


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Rachel Khedoori