Quiet Politics

In an election year, one might examine how politics can be addressed in art. Finding inspiration in the axiom that Francis Alÿs explored in his recent exhibition at David Zwirner, which posited that "sometimes doing something poetic can become political, and sometimes doing something political can become poetic," this exhibition will specifically investigate the ostensibly 'understated' politics that inform a number of artists who have found powerful ways of commenting on social and political concerns as part of a multi-layered artistic practice. 

The works in Quiet Politics are characterized by their ability to address politics in a way that reveals itself poetically–by calling attention to myriad issues (the history of art, identity politics, globalization, consumerism, violence, and social inequality, among others) through seemingly simple aesthetic or conceptual gestures. Such works carry the potential to expand the means of political expression and consciousness. 


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For more information about available works contact inquiries@davidzwirner.com



Adel Abdessemed
Jennifer Allora
Guillermo Calzadilla
Michael Brown
Robert Gober
David Hammons
Roni Horn
Lisa Oppenheim
Walid Raad
Rosemarie Trockel