Al Taylor
Pet Stains, Puddles, and Full Gospel Neckless

David Zwirner is pleased to announce an exhibition of drawings and three-dimensional constructions by Al Taylor, the artist's fifth solo show at the gallery. On view at our 537 West 20th Street space, the exhibition will present a comprehensive examination of Taylor's Pet Stains and Puddles, which encompass a large grouping of interconnected series that were created between 1989 and 1992; and works from Taylor's later series Full Gospel Neckless (sic) that the artist made in Denmark for his 1997 solo exhibition at Galleri Tommy Lund.


In the fluid and lyrical drawings and constructions on view from Taylor's Pet Stains and Puddles series, the artist used his observations of everyday street puddles and pavement stains as a jumping-off point to explore states of liquidity altered by the passage of time. To construct the three-dimensional works he collectively titled Pet Stain Removal Devices, Taylor utilized Plexiglas as a painting surface (conjoined in tiers on wood blocks or suspended from wires), which allowed him to play with the space occupied by the constructions and focus on the illusionary fracturing or spreading of opaque paint seen through the transparent planes. By providing multiple vantage points, the trails of paint applied to each plane sometimes appear to be continuous, and at other times, broken.


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