David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by James Welling, on view at the gallery’s 533 West 19th Street space. This will be the photographer's fifth solo show at the gallery.


Overflow is comprised of three distinct but related bodies of work, all of which explore photography's hybrid relationship to painting. In Wyeth, Welling traveled to Maine and Pennsylvania in pursuit of the subjects and places painted by American artist Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009). While the project started in 2010, its origins date back to Welling's early years as an artist, when Wyeth was a major source of inspiration.


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533 West 19th Street
New York




James Welling

"The Wyeth series tells two stories at once. The first is about the painter, evoked through the spaces he inhabited and painted; the second is about the construction of images. By delivering these stories together, Welling makes a compelling case for their intimate connection as well as their radical difference."—Megan Heuer in a review of Overflow for Art in America

James Welling
Christina's World, 2010
28 x 42 inches (71.1 x 106.7 cm)