On Kawara
One Million Years (Past and Future)

Opening on Tuesday January 9, 2001, David Zwirner and Zwirner & Wirth will present the work of On Kawara. This will be the artist's second one-person exhibition with David Zwirner, and his first at Zwirner & Wirth.


The exhibition One Million Years (Past and Future) at David Zwirner is a continuation of the on-going project called One Million Years, which On Kawara started in 1970 with binders of typewritten pages of the Past series, and in 1989 with binders for the Future series. The gallery will exhibit 20 volumes of these typed pages (10 from the Past and 10 from the Future), documenting the passage of chronological time, from 998,031 BC to 1969 AD and from 1996 AD to 1,001,995 AD. Along with these 20 volumes, the artist will exhibit a sound installation featuring 10 CD’s (5 from the Past and 5 from the Future), which are also part of the on-going project One Million Years. These 10 CD’s were produced and recorded by the gallery for this exhibition.


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