Michael Riedel
Laws of Form

David Zwirner is pleased to present Michael Riedel's first exhibition in the London gallery.


In line with the artist's method of "record, label, playback," the works in the exhibition are variations of existing material from Riedel's own repertoire and beyond. Employing a variety of media and techniques, they share, in the artist's own words, an "aesthetic interest in the faults of transmission and transference." Presented on both floors of the gallery, his honeycomb panels and PowerPoint paintings are devised from earlier poster paintings, which themselves were made with ephemera from other projects. These works, in turn, form the basis of text-based wallpaper. The Proposals for Change of MODERN are part of a series of banners derived from the logos of selected institutions. Cut out in black fabric, the new logos can be hung in different orientations on the wall and are also used as "stencils" for subsequent works on canvas. Shown here are variations on the logo of The Modern Institute in Glasgow, where Riedel participated in a group exhibition in 2008.


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For more information about available works contact inquiries@davidzwirner.com



Michael Riedel