Girls on Film

Works by: John Bock, Katharina Bosse, Carol Bove, Bozidar Brazda, Candice Breitz, Charles Cohen, John Currin, Marlene Dumas, Jacob Dyrenforth, Martin Eder, Dr. Lakra, Graham Little, Christian Marclay, Paul McCarthy, Josephine Meckseper, Wangechi Mutu, Elizabeth Peyton, Paul Pfeiffer, Francis Picabia, Richard Prince, Mel Ramos, Martha Rosler, Thomas Ruff, Christoph Schmidberger, Cindy Sherman, John Stezaker, Larry Sultan, Francesco Vezzoli, Andy Warhol, Franz West, and Lisa Yuskavage. 


Titled Girls on Film, this exhibition features a selection of established and emerging artists whose work appropriates images of women taken from a variety of pop-cultural sources. Exploring society's long-running obsession with images distributed through magazines, advertisements, and the cinema, the works in this exhibition depict, manipulate, and examine three historical female archetypes: the starlet, the pinup, and the fashion model. The artists included in Girls on Film uniquely deconstruct or elaborate upon many of the cultural mythologies at the heart of our continued fascination with images of women found in the popular media. 


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Kristine Bell


John Bock
Katharina Bosse
Bozidar Brazda
Candice Breitz
Charles Cohen
John Currin
Jacob Dyrenforth
Martin Eder
Dr. Lakra
Graham Little
Christian Marclay
Paul McCarthy
Josephine Meckseper
Wangechi Mutu
Elizabeth Peyton
Paul Pfeiffer
Francis Picabia
Richard Prince
Mel Ramos
Martha Rosler
Christoph Schmidberger
Cindy Sherman
John Stezaker
Larry Sultan
Francesco Vezzoli
Andy Warhol