An installation view of the exhibition To do as one would, at David Zwirner New York, dated 2014.

To do as one would

David Zwirner is pleased to present To do as one would, a group exhibition organized by gallery staff members Mary Mitsch, Martha Moldovan, and Poppy Pulitzer on view at the 519 West 19th Street space in New York.

To do as one would borrows its title from a statement on the principles of utility by British philosopher John Stuart Mill in his foundational text Utilitarianism (1863). The exhibition will present a group of artists who employ materials and imagery often associated with industrial production, construction sites, corporate environments, or commercial endeavors. Cement, office chairs, light bulbs, wire, cloth–objects that are typically the base of economic and governmental enterprises–are repurposed as art and, in turn, shed of their intended use-value.

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June 26July 25, 2014
John Dante Bianchi, Nick Darmstaedter, Violet Dennison, Xavier Donnelly, Charles Harlan, Benjamin Hors, Ann Greene Kelly, Zack Kitnick, Eric Mack, Alex Perweiler, Harry Schleiff, Cal Siegel, Zachary Susskind, John Szlasa, Christopher Williams



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