Stan Douglas
"Detroit Photos"

Opening on Saturday, October 24, the gallery will present an exhibition by the Canadian artist Stan Douglas. This will be the artist's fourth solo show at the gallery.


Stan Douglas has been showing his work steadily since the mid-1980s. He was invited to Documenta IX in 1992 and participated in the 1995 Carnegie International, as well as in the 1995 Whitney Biennial. In 1997, his work was shown at Documenta X; the Münster Skulptur Projekte; the Lyon Biennale and the Johannesburg Biennale.


Stan Douglas' new suite of 25 C-print photographs was shot in and around Detroit, Michigan over a period of eighteen months. The artist ongoing investigation into the Modernist project is now focused on one of the icons of Modernism itself: the twentieth-century American city. Detroit, which has become synonymous with the production of the automobile–one of the great symbols of progress, is today a city in decay. The civic coherence of Detroit has been lost, as the automotive industry has moved to greater automation, abolishing blue-collar jobs, while the middle class has fled the urban center to establish gated communities in the suburbs.


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