William Eggleston
The Democratic Forest

William Eggleston has said, "I am at war with the obvious." He developed his singular pictorial style photographing daily scenes with the attitude that "no subject matter is more or less important than another." His pioneering use of color and innate aptitude for form and composition transform the ordinary—from sidewalks to laundry rooms, diners and ceiling fans—into distinctive and poetic images.


These works, most of which had never been exhibited publicly before, were chosen from thousands taken on Eggleston's travels through America and Europe during the 1980s. As Vicky Goldberg wrote in a review of the show in The New York Times, "Mr. Eggleston's adroit compositions and vibrant light teasingly suggest that a larger story lurks within the minutiae of everyday existence."


The fully illustrated publication includes an original text by Alexander Nemerov and quotations from Eudora Welty, who wrote about the American South. Published by David Zwirner Books | Steidl. Read an excerpt in the New York Review of Books.


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