Mamma Andersson
Behind the Curtain

David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Swedish artist Mamma Andersson. On view at 519 and 525 West 19th Street in New York will be the artist's latest body of paintings alongside two murals, made especially for this presentation.


Andersson's work often draws inspiration from archival photographs, filmic imagery, theater sets, and period interiors. Her evocative use of pictorial space and her juxtapositions of thick paint and textured washes have a unique and timeless quality, which is further enhanced by a conspicuous absence of contemporary signifiers. Typically composed of thin layers of acrylic and oil paint on panel board, her paintings employ a broad range of techniques, deftly shifting between stark graphic lines to loose washes and thickly rendered brushstrokes. With their richly detailed and complex surfaces, the artist's works stand as testaments to her deep engagement with the painterly process itself.


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