Gordon Matta-Clark
Above and Below

David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of late works by Gordon Matta-Clark, focusing in particular on his activities as a filmmaker. Curated by Jessamyn Fiore, the show features the artist's explorations in subterranean New York and Paris alongside building cuts and projects involving aerial elevation. It is on view at the gallery's 519 West 19th Street space in New York.


The exhibition begins above ground with City Slivers, Matta-Clark's fragmented portrait of New York City from 1976. Eschewing a clear viewpoint and leaving large parts of the screen black, viewers are offered vertical cuts of bustling streets and skyscrapers interspersed with panoramas taken from atop the World Trade Center. The shifting viewing angles, sometimes shown simultaneously, seem at once celebratory and nervously laden, and contain a poignant, if perhaps subliminal, reference to the artist's twin brother, who fell to his death from a window in their shared apartment that summer. A brief and barely legible text towards the end of the film includes the words "he just hit the pavement…face down." 


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