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Opening on Wednesday, June 29th, David Zwirner is pleased to announce an exhibition of early work by gallery artists, including Francis Alÿs, Raoul De Keyser, Stan Douglas, Isa Genzken, On Kawara, Gordon Matta-Clark, Chris Ofili, Raymond Pettibon, Neo Rauch, Jason Rhoades, Michael Riedel, Thomas Ruff, Katy Schimert, Yutaka Sone, Diana Thater, Luc Tuymans, James Welling, and Christopher Williams. The exhibition will include works spanning from the 1960s to the 1990s in a variety of media.

Among the paintings on view will be Two ways of looking at it, a 1990 painting by Chris Ofili; Sealed Rooms, a 1990 triptych by Luc Tuymans; and early canvases by Neo Rauch and Raoul de Keyser.

Photographs in the exhibition include a C-print Porträt by Thomas Ruff; gelatin prints by James Welling, and Atsue Sasaki (Nr. 1,2,3,4), 1994, a suite of dye transfer prints by Christopher Williams. Stan Douglas' series Pursuit, Fear, Catastrophe: Ruskin, B.C., 1992, a suite of ten color C-prints, will be presented in its entirety. The series documents the disenfranchisement of Japanese-Canadians on the parcel of land in British Columbia that became home to the Ruskin Power Plant in 1929.

Isa Genzken's concrete sculptures on steel bases aid in a formal transition to the conceptual works in the show, which include a system-based work by On Kawara; an early project by Francis Alÿs; a mid- 90s sculpture and work on paper by Katy Schimert; a sculpture by Frankfurt-based artist Michael Riedel; and Yutaka Sone's hand-knitted wool panels entitled World Championship for Knitting from 1995.

Other works on view are 1980s drawings by Raymond Pettibon, a late-1960s drawing by Gordon Matta-Clark, an early video piece by Diana Thater and a mixed media installation by Jason Rhoades.

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