Group Show THE UPPER ROOM: Days in Lieu

January 17 - February 16, 2013

Days in Lieu inaugurates THE UPPER ROOM at David Zwirner in London. THE UPPER ROOM, a second floor viewing room, will feature curated shows of works by the gallery’s roster and beyond.


Days in Lieu brings together diverse international artists whose works reflect on the mundane and routine activities of everyday life, either through self-referentiality or by allusions to the idiosyncrasies of consumer culture. Evocative of days off, relaxation, and the pursuit of hobbies, the title also implicitly references labour and overtime. Works in the show allude to particular environments, lifestyles, and personal spaces, while hinting at everyday performances played out alone and dramas endured in private. Artists include Alexandra Bircken, John Divola, Isa Genzken, Roger Hiorns, Martin Kippenberger, Jason Rhoades, and Prem Sahib.


This exhibition is curated by Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal, Associate Director at David Zwirner, London.